Survey on Image Authentication
Digital Image Authentication and Recovery
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Introduction to Professor Pawel Korus and His Lab at New York University

  1. Could you briefly introduce yourself (and your University/Lab)?

I’m a researcher working on problems related to media integrity and visual manipulation. I’m currently a research professor working with Nasir Memon at New York University. More information about my work can be found on my website ( and github (

  1. What have been your most significant research contributions up to now?

My most significant contributions until now were: 1) an effective communication-theoretic model for content reconstruction in digital watermarking, 2) a multi-scale forensic analysis protocol that improves photo manipulation detection by combining the benefits of small-scale and large-scale analysis. I’m currently looking into end-to-end simulation of photo acquisition and distribution to assess joint optimization opportunities ( We’re building an open source simulation environment that people can use for various applications. 

  1. What problems in your research field deserve more attention (or what problems will you like to solve) in the next few years, and why?

I believe proactive techniques for media protection / verification deserve more attention. There are several standardization attempts (JPEG Fake Media, Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative) which aim to provide meta-data for integrity and provenance tracking. But is encrypted meta-data enough to address the problem?

  1. What advice would you like to give to the young generation of researchers/engineers?

Work on problems you enjoy doing.